I have always firmly believed in doing all I can for the betterment of each chiropractor.  As such, I have been politically involved in the development of the profession, for your sake, for 22 years.

During my Victorian Presidency I have:

 ·       Ran at a surplus

·       Established Women In Chiropractic phone support and seminars

·       Instigated Video Broadcasting of seminars to local and rural members

·      Continued to support our students, providing mentor programs, business excellence, speaker nights and have an integrated Practice Management Course, which is part of the 5th year RMIT curriculum

·       Advocated on behalf of Victorian Chiropractors in the area of Work Safe and TAC

·       Prioritised regularly meetings with Heads of Department of RMIT, Chiropractic Department

·       Established strong links with the Victorian Health Department. For example, I have recently been appointed as a member of the Musculoskeletal Clinical Leadership Group.  This is a Victorian first and a wonderful opportunity to be involved in a collaborative approach, which aims to address the needs of the community with respect to musculoskeletal health.

·      Was invited to be part of the steering committee that wrote a healthy lifestyles paper.  This paper laid the foundation for the CAA Lifestyle Health initiative.


 My particular focus within CAAV has been in Public Education and in the last 12 months we have employed a wonderful communications professional.  As a result we have:

 1.     Revamped our website to be far more interactive.

2.     Increased media training.  This is attended by all media spokespeople on a monthly basis and has been an invaluable tool in increasing the confidence and clarity we have in staying on message.

3.     Trialed Face book advertising.

4.     Offered a website review service to members.

5.     Created videos explaining various aspects of chiropractic. 

6.     Produced advertisements that members can safely use.

7.     Provided patient friendly education articles for members to utilize.

8.     Developed a 12 month Marketing Action Plan.